5 Shifts To Help You Get to the Next Level

What is that next thing on your goals list?

  • Making 6 figures in your biz?
  • Securing a sponsorship with a big brand?
  • Quitting your day job to go full-time in your biz?
  • Writing and launching that book?
  • Starting that membership program?

Whatever it is, we all want to reach a new level in some area of our lives. But, how in the heck do we know if we’re on the right track?




Sometimes you may feel like you’re just going in circles, but here are 5 ways to recognize if you are actually on track with getting to the next level in life:


1. A shift in Mindset: How you think about yourself and your goals.

When it comes to making it to the next level, you have to think about yourself and your goals as if you have already made it! Wake up with the belief that things are already set in motion for you to win. Command an awesome day before anyone has the opportunity to send negativity your way.

Manifestation starts in the mind. If you believe then you actually can achieve it.

2. A shift in Empathy: How you tend to other people.

When you are in the process of evolving you will learn how to relate to other people even if you haven’t been in their shoes, because with great wisdom also comes empathy. Understanding why other people make certain choices puts you in the position to provide an effective solution to their problems. This becomes the vibranium of your brand (for my Black Panther peeps. lol).


3. A shift in Appetite: Consuming healthy brain food.

Your tolerance for consuming certain content will change as you level up. Those once juicy gossip blogs or those mindless viral videos will become less entertaining when you are operating with intention. Feeding your mind with the right content is a definite sign that you are reaching a new level of self.


4. A shift in your Faith: How you feel about the future, and other unknown possibilities.

How do you REALLY feel about what you want to accomplish? Are you constantly overwhelmed, or are you confident that things will always work out? Leveling Up involves adopting the mindset that everything you want is at your fingertips. Being willing to show up and show out for the things that are within your control, and putting faith towards the things that are not.


5. A shift in your conversation: How you speak about yourself and others.

I saved this one for last for a good reason. As you Level up you will notice VERY quickly that your tolerance for certain kinds of conversation will change too. Not wanting to gossip with friends over people who weren’t relevant to your goals. Or, not saying such mean or discouraging things about yourself because you now know what you are capable of.

But, this can only happen when you make the conscious decision to have better conversations with yourself and with others.

Now, I’m not saying that all 5 of these shifts will happen simultaneously. But, if you truly commit to your Level Up journey they will reveal themselves with time.

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