Hey, Bestie!

My name is Bee,

The Branding Bestie™!

I am a Brand Expert, Published Author, Beauty Influencer, and Speaker. As I have grown my business, I have noticed that there was a need to speak to the mental roadblocks that can hold women entrepreneurs back from creating their dream lives & brands.

Breaking down personal barriers, and healing hurts that are blocking women from embracing their own dope-ness!

I believe that gratitude & manifestation are the keys to Leveling Up in every area of your life. Nurturing and mastering what you have in order to receive more of what you love. So, it is my purpose to help other Speakers, Authors, Coaches/Consultants, and Influencers to feel confident and remain consistent with their brand and lifestyle goals. 




I am here to serve you in as many ways as possible to take your lifestyle to the next level. Including:



5 Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I am ALWAYS cold. You will always find me with a hoodie, blanket, or coat near by because I can never seem to keep warm. lol.

  2. I started out as a Graphic Designer, but Brand Strategy stole my heart!

  3. I have a Master's Degree in Marketing & Communications.

  4. I LOVE Trap Music. You'll catch glimpses of that in my IG stories from time to time. lol.

  5. I am deathly afraid of scary movies!

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